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Bring about a digital renaissance


To scale the zenith in the digital world along with our clientele.

We have the vision to become a company that is not only trusted but also loved for its zeal, creativity and uniqueness. We want to strengthen our global presence and add a meaningful touch to the digital world, helping brands and individuals portray themselves extraordinarily, aiding their growth and exploring their complete potential. And yes, we want to have fun!


The digital world is not rocket science, really.

We aim to demystify the digital world for even those people who are not tech-savvy and help them use it as a ladder to build their network and prosper. We aim to offer affordable, time-bound and professional digital solutions that recreate, reimagine and reinvent an individual’s or a brand’s image.

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About Us

A digital experience that is equipped with divergent thinking.

If you need to unravel and demystify the online world, and build an online presence that reflects yours and your brand’s mettle, read on. Our approach is simple and real. We understand that everything we create should have the scope to touch the people’s hearts. That is the first step in devising a successful digital strategy.

Logisyntax is a haven for all digital solutions, empowered by innovation and equipped with creativity. Our name ‘Logisyntax’ has a meaning attached to it. When we say ‘logi’ we mean that we use logic – an underlying system of reasoning that gives form to a premise or an idea, a system that adds meaning to concepts – to craft our strategy. And ‘syntax’ in our name not only signifies an in-depth technical knowledge but also the ability to put together a structure by laying small bricks of ideas, strategy and implementation, held together by innovation and creativity.

In the 21st Century, everything is at our fingertips and what we do online has an impact on every aspect of our lives, be it physical, social, financial or emotional. At Logisyntax, we aim to make this impact into an unforgettable, striking and powerful impression of you or your brand.

With us, you create an unshakeable digital infrastructure.


About Us

Our Story

Like all successful companies, ours too began with an idea.

Logisyntax is the realization of a dream to make the internet a path to accomplish never-before-achieved feats in the physical world. The co-founder and managing director of Logisyntax, Aarti Thakkar worked for nearly decade with various companies, gaining knowledge and experience in the fields of information technology, e-commerce, digital media, software and web development and brand strategy and planning. Channelling that experience, she formed a company of her own, supported by her mother, Kalpana Thakkar.

Incorporated on 19th March 2018, Logisyntax has gained a premium clientele in a very short span of time. More than being a company, Logisyntax is an idea to reinvent the online presence of brands and individuals in a way that it creates an emotional connect with the world at large, making it stand out of the digital clutter.



Because we understand you.

We live in an era that is all about technology and the virtual world. Be it for your brand, business or individual representation, an online presence is a powerful tool to express yourself. At Logisyntax, we ensure that you stand out and make your presence felt through our wide range of comprehensive services.

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Digital solutions from A to Z. We really do it all under one roof.

You no longer need to approach different firms for different digital solutions. At Logisyntax, we do everything that is needed to fuel and enhance your digital presence. Our esteemed clients from across the globe have found our information technology, website development and digital media services to be top-notch, innovative and affordable that have developed over the period of time.

We take care of everything under one roof to revamp your digital image. We offer a host of services like mobile and software development, search engine optimization, responsive emailers, SharePoint services, social media marketing, graphic design, content writing, business analysis, the creation of custom plugins, and a lot more. We also offer online training modules to improve your knowledge in various fields.


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